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I am Ankita and I am a professional Web & Graphic designer. I have been working in science for 7 years in this industry. I

have built more than 150+ clients and more than 50+ clients and business partners' projects to grow their business online with my services and solutions.

I am Web & Graphic designers video editor I have 3 years of experience in Graphics and web designing and 7 years of total working history in this organization. As a Graphic and web designer:- - Expert in Graphics Designing.

I am also a Writer Content Creator and a video editor enthusiastic and creative professional Video editor with a strong passion for Creating the fleeting beauty of people and everyday life.

I am Providing Graphics Designing Business Card

| Logo

| Brocher

| Flyer

| Book Cover & Design Social Media Content

| Social Media Graphics

| Banners I am Providing Video editing & Ads Filmora Video editing Canva Video Editing Powerpoint Presentation & Editing Business Prosal Video & Presentation Informational Videos Animated Videos

Thanks & Regards Ankita Yadav

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